introduced in 2004


Broken stems are a thing of the past

In 2004, Maximilian Riedel caught the attention of the wine and tabletop industries with the introduction of his "O" series, an innovative collection of varietal specific stemless wine glasses. 

"The "O" glass has delighted many and outraged a few," said Maximilian. "People were quick to embrace a glass that offered all the enjoyment that Riedel is famous for yet was more casual, easy to use, wash and store and added a playful element to the wine and spirits experience."

This series has now become one of RIEDEL's best selling, and its success is easy to understand. Contemporary and chic, it is perfect for those who crave elegant yet uncomplicated designs for everyday use. It is a series that invites contact and intimacy while raising eyebrows. 

The "O" collection began for wine and has now grown to include thirteen different glass designs, including six varietally-specific wine glass shapes, a glass for sparkling wine, water, saké, martini, and spirits. 

When asked why a glass for spirits, Maximilian Riedel explained, "I enjoy Port and spirits after dinner or as the evening winds down, and conversation deepens. I love the way you can roll the glass in your hand - it's almost contemplative." "O" what will Riedel think of next?

The series is produced by machine in lead-free crystal glass and sold in sets of two. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.



The designs of the “O” stemless wine glass series are based on the benchmark shapes of the Riedel Vinum series. Design parameters such as the shape of the tumbler, size and diameter of the rim have been fine-tuned to enhance the world’s most important grape varietals. Because “O” wine glasses have no stem they are ideal for every day use, fit in every dishwasher, every small kitchen and make broken stems a thing of the past. The “O” Wine Glass collection is available as: Cabernet/Merlot, Pinot/Nebbiolo, Syrah/Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier/Chardonnay, and Riesling/Sauvignon. The series is made of non-lead machine-blown glass and is sold in sets of two.


In 2006 the Riedel family introduced a casual way to enjoy Champagne and sparkling wine with the arrival of their “O” Champagne Glass. After all, there is something worth celebrating every day. Although both Georg (10th generation) and Maximilian (11th generation) Riedel created designs for the glass, in the end it was Georg Riedel's design that was used. The hollow and ribbed narrow bottom gives way to a traditional Champagne flute bowl shape. As with all wine glasses, Riedel recommends filling it only a third full, so that the Champagne/sparkling wine aromas are evident. So pick up a Prosecco, serve a California sparkler, pop open a bottle of Champagne or pour a Spanish cava into the new Riedel Champagne & Sparkling Wine Glass.


Riedel is pleased to welcome a cheery new addition to their innovative “O” collection, the aptly-named Happy “O”. An ode to spring in glass, Happy "O" is available in four upbeat colors that lift the spirits —Dawn-Red, Spring-Green, Baby-Blue and Sunny-Yellow— and are perfect for water, juices and other soft drinks. While the sides of the glass are clear, the flat bottom of each is pastel-hued, providing a gentle wash of baby-soft color. Like all “O” glasses, the Happy “O” fits easily in the dishwasher, picnic basket, mini-bar or small kitchen. Without stems to knock into or over, the "O" is pet-proof and kid-friendly, meaning fewer glasses to replace down the line. And consumers are sure to be happy about the price and they are cleverly packaged in a long, shallow egg crate-inspired box, making them an ideal gift.